Victor Felix Gallery

Martin Brent

Snow Trees Panorama. 57 x 182 cm. Digital C type print. 2009

The Snow Trees I. 57 x 86 cm. Digital C type print. 2009

The Snow Trees II. 57 x 86. Digital C type print. 2009.


Martin Brent b.1968-

I seek the decisive moment, fragments of time, the lost moment. I am fascinated by the scenes and events that occur unnoticed, things at the periphery of our vision, the spaces we pass through and events that we pass by, The in Between places if you will.

I take a step back, looking for unintentional symmetry, contradictions and observations, man has a unique ability to create art when he least intends do so, random objects placed by unknown individuals and corporations with no intentional regard for what may be around them can experience an interaction, an assimilation into a wider tableau.

These events are all around and are often fleeting, created by the temporary nature of our consumer throw away society, others may take a lifetime to form.

These are my moments.

I’m the recipient of numerous awards and have participated in many group exhibitions, I am currently working towards the publication of my first Book “The in between Places”

My primary influences are William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, William Klein, Andreas Gursky and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

The Snow Trees

The Snow Trees celebrate a man made moment fifty years in its evolution but only being completed by the temporary covering of snow that lasted no more than 24 hours.

This was the silent moment just after the last flakes of snow had fallen.

Possibly planted as a commercial venture by long forgotten foresters the trees in their near perfect ranks await a harvest that will may never come.

The composition represents choice, to the right a safe path into the light, an easy route that can easily be made but no discovery or mystery awaits, to the left the path is soon lost amongst the trees, their uniformity becoming confused, the path no longer clear, the light decreasing.

Each path has a guardian, a dominant force that prevents us moving forward until the options and possible consequences are considered the view ahead blocked, maybe a little risk is required just to leave where we now stand, this is where I leave the viewer.

The snow Trees are Digital C type print (Fuji Crystal archive) Reverse acrylic mounted onto Perspex- UV protected.

Awards and Shows

Miami Art Fair 2009- Eyestorm

Affordable Art Fair London 2009- Eyestorm

AOP Awards nomination 2007, 2008

IPA Lucies 2009- 1st Place Gold

PX3 Paris 2009- 2nd place

SUN 21 2009 Merit

PA Lucies 2008 -Honourable mention

AOP Open 2007 show

Fuji Pro Distinctions 2007

AOP Open 2006 show

IPA Lucies 2006 Honourable mention

Travel Photographer of The Year- single Image 2006

AOP gallery 2006 H20 show

Board director Association of Photographers 2005-2008

President Association Of Photographers 2008-2009